Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Energy Star Homes

By Elysia Walton, SnapSpace Solutions Staff

March 28, 2012

Energy Star homes are a relatively new idea—utilizing the resources that our earth has provided us with, and thereby marking down our cost of living. An Energy Star home is just the perfect way to utilize these resources, and make the best of them, while also keeping your budget in balance.

In fact, Energy Star homes can be at least 30% more efficient,[1] and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, who manages the Energy Star program with the U.S. Department of Energy, 100,000 new homes have earned the designation, saving the homeowners $26 million in yearly costs (2003).2 In 2002, Americans cut their energy bills by more than $7 billion, and saved enough energy to power 15 million homes.3 Think about that: if you have an Energy Star rating on your home, it will not just be better for the environment, but it will save you money, too!

The specifications of an Energy Star rating cover everything from tighter construction, tighter ducts, and improved insulation, to high performance windows, and energy efficient heating and cooling equipment.4

Ever been in an old house? Notice the drafts? How it just pains the homeowner to turn the thermostat up a few notches? This is because most old houses, and even some newer ones, do not have the Energy Star rating. Sure, they are built well, but not as tight as the Energy Star requires. With an Energy Star home, however, if you turn up the thermostat your home will be much better equipped to stay at that temperature with less use of gas, propane, firewood, or whatever you use to heat your home.

SnapSpace Solutions is proud to be a builder of Energy Star homes. The steel base of an ISBU container, which we use to build our homes and commercial buildings, are already so tight that an Energy Star rating can be achieved without a hitch. With a home or structure from SnapSpace Solutions, you know you will be getting the best value for your dollar, and the best efficiency from your fuel.


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