Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SnapSpace Solutions Does Affordable Housing

By Elysia Walton, SnapSpace Solutions Staff

January 11, 2012
With SnapSpace Solutions, the possibilities for affordable housing are endless. SnapSpace homes are more affordable and last longer than the typical home due to the recycled container base. These affordable houses can be ultra-personalized and are built to be extremely efficient. SnapSpace homes can even be customized with solar panels, rain water collectors, and rooftop gardens—substantially lowering the electric, heating, and water bills.  
Affordable housing in Maine, and around the country, is an issue that many people currently struggle with. Whether it is housing for the elderly, large families, single parents, or young adults—the wide range of situations make it a very real struggle in our society. Waiting lists for existing units and subsidy programs are long, and many who need affordable housing do not qualify for these programs.[1] Even if a person does qualify for subsidized housing there is a significant lack of it, which inevitably leads to homelessness.[2] Many folks with disabilities are also in a tough situation when it comes to affordable housing.[3] If they are unable to get a sufficient job to cover the financial requirements to purchase or rent a home, then they are out of luck. Of additional concern is the fact that much of the affordable housing available today is of very low quality, and in some situations can even be dangerous.[4]
If you look at the statistics for affordable housing the results are unsettling. In 2005, more than ninety percent of the renters living in Scarborough, Maine, could not afford the median priced, single family home. (about $300,000)[5] In addition, even if the search is narrowed to “affordable” house prices only, the amount is still about $150,000. (Portland, Maine metro area.)[6] Conclusively, these houses are not necessarily in good condition,[7] which you would expect for such a price tag.
Practically futuristic, container homes are presently unknown to much of the general public, but are a sure future pop-culture item. The affordability will not empty your wallet, yet the quality will leave your friends jealous. Anything is possible with container buildings, and SnapSpace Solutions would love to bring this unique opportunity to own such a structure in your price range public.  


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