Friday, December 2, 2011

Building Container Clinics

By Megan W.

      Steel shipping containers can be made into just about any structure you can dream up.  From dorms to houses, offices to stores, they are extremely flexible.  One of these possibilities could be a portable clinic.  This clinic would be essentially storm proof (hurricane, tornado, etc.), sanitary, modern, efficient, and portable. It almost sounds too good to be true, right? Actually, it is quite possible, and can be done in a timely manner. Currently people are building clinics in the traditional wood-frame way and/or using mobile homes.  Using recycled shipping containers, SnapSpace Solutions can reduce the time it takes to build these clinics, and do it in a much greener and more efficient way.
     SnapSpace Solutions is capable of building a rain, fire, hurricane, tornado, and just about anything-resistant container clinic. By using ISBU container units the clinic could be built in as little time as one week, whereas to stick-build a complete clinic would take much longer. By using container clinics the process is much safer, cleaner, more cost-effective, and more environmentally-friendly.  Shipping container sizes vary, so we can build anything from a semi-permanent, simple 8x20’ doctor’s office, to a large, more permanent hospital.
    So many places around the world have faced disaster, and have had hospitals, homes, and clinics destroyed. What would happen if another hurricane like Katrina hit? SnapSpace Solutions can bring in recycled, repurposed containers that are fully equipped, and ready for use.  So many deaths could be avoided by having a safe, sterile clinic environment available and ready to use BEFORE disaster strikes.  Used and older mobile homes are not dependable, nor are they necessarily germ-free. If the working space isn’t clean, it can hold bacteria, and cause infections.
     The building and transporting of containers clinics also creates many different job opportunities. Containers are inexpensive, and therefore more can be purchased then if they were built traditionally, which would mean there are more clinics in a region of space. In certain areas, people need to travel many, many miles to get to a clinic. We can place small clinics in these remote areas so that people have ready access to them. 
Think of how many lives can be saved by putting clinics in places like Gambia or Zimbabwe.  Millions of people in third world countries die because of infection… think of how many people could be saved by simply placing a small container with supplies in some of those areas!

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